Car Accidents Happen Even On Vacation

You’re excited and looking forward to going on your family vacation. The preparations have been made. The dog will be at a kennel. A friend will watch your cat. And your fish have been provided for with 7-day fish food.

You double-check your reservations for the airline, rent a car, and hotel. You cross off each item from your checklist. You are ready to go.

You get to your destination and you love it. You are enjoying the scenery with your family when a wild driver cuts you off—causing you to end up in a ditch. The driver caused your car to crash into a pole.

“I was just in a car accident and it’s not my fault!”

A few feet ahead of your car, the driver gets out of his car yelling and cursing. Your children car accident Austinare scared. Your wife looks worried. You are unsure as to what you should do.

How do you deal with road rage? How do you take control of an explosive situation?

Stay calm

The first thing to do is to stay calm. Check and make sure everyone in your vehicle is all right.

Gather information

Try to copy down the license plate of the driver—note the make and model of the vehicle too.

Call the police

Don’t try to engage an irate driver. Call the police tell them what is going on with full detail. If you are frightened for your safety or life let the operator know. Give them the license plate numbers as well.

How to handle road rage

If the driver approaches your car in a hostile or an aggressive manor, do not get out of the car.

  • Avoid eye contact
  • Don’t engage in the fight
  • Adjust your attitude
  • Forget about trying win.

The driver may eventually calm down since you’re not fueling his anger. Try to stay on the phone with the police operator—letting them know everything that is transpiring. Give a description of the driver as well and write it down in a note pad.

Handling the accident

  • Call for medical help
  • Notify your insurance carrier as soon as you can
  • Take pictures of your vehicle from all angles
  • Take a picture of the other vehicle if possible
  • Get the drivers information if he has calmed down
  • Don’t cast blame
  • Don’t make any agreements or accept any cash payments
  • Write down how, when, and what you were doing when the accident took place
  • Call an Austin personal injury lawyer to get legal advice as soon as you can

Accidents do happen even on vacation. And with road rage on the rise accidents could increase. Be prepared so that you can minimize the fallout from an auto wreck.

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