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Benefits of An Austin Accident Lawyer

Auto accidents happen every day and account for the majority of personal injury claims in the U.S. They can involve cars, trucks, tractor-trailers, buses, trains, motorcycles, pedestrians and cyclists, or collisions with animals. There are also accidents involving planes and boats, slip and fall accidents, construction accidents, work accidents, drunk driving accidents, and product injuries.

If you are involved in an accident that incurs significant damage to vehicles or property, physical injury, or at the very worst, fatalities, you may benefit from having an experienced Austin accident lawyer on your side for legal representation. You will most likely need a lawyer to ensure you are compensated for any losses you incur as a result of the accident, such as car repairs, medical expenses, lost wages or rental car reimbursement. You may be entitled to both monetary and punitive damages as a result of the accident.

The benefits of hiring an Austin accident lawyer include:

• To help you receive the compensation you deserve
• To help fight for your rights with the insurance company
• To negotiate with the insurance claims adjuster on your behalf
• To deal with health care companies
• To reach a just and amicable settlement
• To take your case to court if necessary

Accident lawyers are knowledgeable of state and national transportation laws. They are also adept at handling insurance adjusters, who are trained to try to settle your case for the lowest possible dollar amount, no matter who was at fault or what circumstances are involved. They also know how to prepare and effectively settle your accident claim, as well as make sure you meet the necessary deadlines for filing a lawsuit if needed.

It is not necessary for many auto accident claims to be filed in court. In most scenarios, with adequate research, proper guidance and skilled negotiation, a lawyer can help you avoid litigation and settle your claim out of court. This can ultimately result in a savings of expenses, a timelier resolution, and possibly a larger settlement amount.Austin Accident Lawyer

An Austin Texas accident lawyer can handle a wide range of issues that result from accidents, including property destruction, personal injury, wrongful death, or liability determinations. They can also help protect you from any future problems relating to your injuries and claim.

Your insurance company will classify your injuries as either “soft injuries” or “hard injuries.” Soft injuries are minor injuries to muscles or other soft tissues and include injuries such as a bruised thigh, a sprained ankle or a strained neck. Hard injuries are more serious injuries that could have a permanent or long term impact on your life and include injuries such as head injuries, broken bones and lost limbs.

Hard injuries are labeled as more serious injuries since they often involve a high level of pain and suffering that can last for a long period of time. As a result of these injuries being considered more painful, they also tend to command larger insurance settlements. You generally only need an accident attorney to assist you when you have what are considered hard injuries.

Most accident lawyers work on what is called a contingency basis. This basically means you are not expected to pay your legal fees up front. Instead, the lawyer will take a certain percentage (typically one third) of anything you are awarded as a result of your claim. This gives them a huge incentive to work diligently on your case and to be an effective advocate for you while trying to settle your insurance claim or your auto accident case.

It is important to contact an accident lawyer as soon as possible after your accident so they can contact your insurance company on your behalf, help protect your rights, and explain the options available to you with regard to the money you may be entitled to recover for your injuries or the damages sustained.

If you have been involved in any type of accident you feel necessitates the services of an Austin accident lawyer, call us immediately. We are available to speak with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Austin Car Wreck Lawyer

When you stop and think about it, it’s almost amazing that there are not more car wrecks than there are. During rush hours in Austin on I35, 290, Mopac, Hwy 1, and 183 there are literally thousands of cars on the roads, making left turns, passing one another, cutting in and merging. There literally could be an accident almost every second.

If you are one of the unfortunate many who are involved in a car wreck, it’s important that you talk with an Austin car wreck lawyer.

There are several reasons for this. First, the state of Texas recognizes what are called “contributory negligence” and “degree of fault.”

What is comparative negligence?

Comparative negligence recognizes that in any auto accident, both drivers may have been somewhat to blame. As an example of this, suppose Austin car wreck lawyer can fight for justiceyou were making a left turn in a northbound lane on a yellow light and were struck in the intersection by a southbound car. In this case, both of you might be negligent–you for having made a left turn on a yellow light and the other driver for having struck you.

The concept of contributory negligence basically says that you can expect to collect from the other driver even if you are 50% responsible for the accident. However, you were found 51% responsible, you won’t be able to collect any compensation for your damage or injuries.

Degree of fault and an Austin car wreck lawyer

Along with the concept of contributory negligence, Texas recognizes degree of fault. This means that if you are partially negligent–or partially responsible for the car wreck–you will be compensated on a percentage basis. This means that if it were found that you were 20% negligent, you will receive only 80% of the final settlement. In other words, if the final settlement were $100,000, you would receive only $80,000.

An Austin car wreck lawyer will work with you to determine who’s at fault for the accident and will negotiate with the other insurance company’s adjuster or attorney to get you the best possible settlement. He or she will also work to prove that the other driver was 100% negligent and that you did not contribute to the accident in any way. Again, this is to get you the best settlement possible.

What this costs

Your car wreck attorney will hire any expert witnesses that are needed to prove that you were not at fault or to substantiate your medical expense claims. None of this will probably cost you anything because your Austin lawyer will probably take your case on a contingency fee basis–meaning that he or she will take a percentage of your settlement. This means they will only get paid if they will your case. So essentially they work for free until your case is resolved successfully in your favor.

Why it’s critical to have an Austin car wreck lawyer

As you have read, auto accident law in Texas can be very complicated. When you go up against an insurance company, it’s important to understand that it’s number one objective is to pay you as little as possible. An Austin car wreck lawyer can make sure that this doesn’t happen–that you get the settlement you really deserve. Plus, as you have read, this will cost you nothing out of pocket.

Benefits Of Hiring An Austin Injury Lawyer

You can be injured any number of different ways. While the most common personal injury are automobile accidents, you can be injured by a defective product, a fall at work, an assault, an occupational disease, a mistake made by a doctor or dentist or even suffer a psychological injury such as sexual harassment at your workplace.

When to hire an Austin injury lawyer

There are a number of times when you should hire an Austin injury lawyer. Primary among these is if you sustained a serious injury that has possible long-term consequences.

You should also hire a lawyer if you were in an auto accident and the other driver was uninsured or underinsured. Do you feel that you are being pressured by a claims adjuster to agree to a fast settlement? This is another instance where you should hire an auto injury lawyer. And, of course, if you feel you have not been offered fair compensation and the insurance company refuses to come up with a better offer, you should hire an attorney to help you get the settlement you deserve.

The three biggest benefits of hiring an Austin injury lawyer

If you’re the victim of any of the injuries listed above, there are three important benefits of hiring an injury lawyer.

Knowledge of the law


Why hire an Austin injury lawyer?

Laws are very complicated. Each of the injuries described above is governed by a different set of laws. Unless you are a personal injury professional or a law student, it’s unlikely that you will be familiar with all of the laws associated with your injury or accident. You probably do not even know what you are legally entitled to. This means the odds are you’ll be taken advantage of by an insurance adjuster. Insurance company adjusters and attorneys are skilled and experienced at defending claims. It is just a bad idea to go against this kind of firepower without a personal injury lawyer in your corner.

Negotiating fair compensation

Since it’s unlikely that you will know all the personal injury law that pertains to your case, it’s almost impossible for you to know how much compensation you’re entitled to. The defendant’s insurance company will undoubtedly try to buy you off with the smallest amount of money. However, an Austin injury lawyer can help you win you a better settlement because of his or her experience and expertise. For that matter, it is sometimes best to hire an injury attorney before you even discuss your claim with an insurance adjuster.

Representation in court

The third important benefit to hiring an Austin injury lawyer is that if the insurance company and your lawyer cannot agree on a fair settlement, he or she can try the case in court. Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they take a percentage of the final settlement account. In other words, it costs you nothing out of pocket to hire a personal injury lawyer.

The law is complicated and the opposing insurance company is not on your side. As you have read, there are several benefits of hiring an Austin injury lawyer, not the least of which is that you have nothing to lose and much to gain.